What you should know about Real Estate Investing

Real estate investors are always contemplating on ‘What Type of Investment Property’ they can invest their hard earned money on considering the gloomy economy. But many are writing about their real estate investing experiences to help new and even seasoned real estate investors battle their doubts, answer their questions and gain success in the real estate investing industry



How to Choose an Investment Property That Earns

http://realestate.aol.com2/28/13 By Jeff Brown

What type of investment property should you buy — a condo or single-family home? Until recently, that was a trick question, as real estate was too risky and illiquid for most investors.

When you find you’re sweet spot, always do the math and run

the basic financial analysis on properties you’d like to buy. We wise in your financial decision and picture out your investment returns.

Real Estate Q&A: Wise Investments and HOAs


For many, real estate may not be a very good investment. If you’re able to earn the long-term average of 7-9 percent returns on financial assets, you’re probably doing a lot better than most real estate investors, probably with probably with less risk and certainly with less hassle.

When you find a real estate investing model that works, keep it simple and increase your chance of success

Investing 101: Keep it Simple to Succeed, Says Ritholtz


He goes on to say that investors would be wise to add some real estate or REITS, perhaps a 10% exposure to commodities, as well as other types of bonds than U.S. Treasuries, including corporates, high yield, municipals



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